Faith and Religion

Faith and Religion. Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

Oh yea of little faith,
Faith that begets religion,
Religion, the highest social club one can belong to.

Club, society and belonging,
Isn’t that all we want?
To feel among, to feel like we are wanted,

Feelings unexplained,
Explanations given by you,
You who also seeks recognition from above,

Faith is not by seeing, but by believing,
Believing there is a higher power than you I this universe,
Recognise that you are nothing, nothing with that heavenly validation.

Let me validate this, you are a mere nobody,
Nobody until you have accepted what I say,
Nobody until I have explained the parables from 1000 years ago.

Do you feel you belong yet?
Have you been to your group meeting yet?
Did you feel a connection this time?

Raise your hands and feel the connection,
The connection to your religion,
Faith be damned, I will have my religion because that where I belong,
Belonging is more important than my need for understanding.

Understanding that I am more than religion, I am more than a club.
I am with faith, a somebody, unique, a cog and an end,
So hold me not by my social status, but hold me by the actions,
Have faith that I will live up to the ever evolving standards of our faith in him.

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