Have You Eaten?

have you eaten (ramen)
I have always wondered why Nigerian guys always ask “Have you eaten?”. It is such a sly way of asking how one is!!! and the conversation always go like this

Boy: hey how are you?

girl: I’m alright? u?

Boy: Nothing much. How was your day?

Girl: Not bad. just tired o! 

Boy: Gud! Gud!! Have you eaten?

Girl: no note yet o. Just got home.

Boy: kk. make sure you eat. what will u eat?

etc etc

This is frankly a whole lot of interrogation that will eventually led to Will you cook for me or Can you cook? But after careful thought and venting at the abrupt and repetitive nature of conversations with the male species, I have come to understand that asking if someone has eaten is just another expression of care in Nigeria.

So, I have come to accept the dynamic of things and accepted that my existence is obviously important to someone, be it for inexplicable reasons. And to be fair, I do miss someone asking me everyday if I have eaten. I miss the eye roll I have ready before I respond with a No, but I am super hungry and craving (Insert pretty much anything imaginable on the good food spectrum). I miss the nagging and quick retorts to my are you my mother rants (mostly because my mother now thinks I am too old to be chased around to eat. This adulthood thing is hard man!) but mostly I miss having someone to remind me eat at a reasonable time as opposed to eating at 11:25pm because that episode of Bones  was too intriguing and I was too hungry to sleep.


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