Hear My Soul Speak

Hear My Soul Speak

Hear my soul speak for the very moment I saw you my heart did speak.

My heart speaks in volumes, volumes which transcend what my soul can bear,

Bearing the cross which is my affection, affection which is no cause or effect,

Effectively silencing what my soul said, words whispered to my heart to run for the hills,

My heart ran for the hill because true freedom resides among the high mountains,

Like the runaway cow who knows there is better forage on the hill side than the road which the Aboki plies.


Hear my soul speak for it whispers silently in the dark,

The dark room which is my heart, the heart which was I presented to you on a platter,

A platter of gold cast in the innermost depths of fear and despair,

Repaired by the skillful hands of the one who loved,

The one who loved regardless of reciprocity.


Hear my soul speak for its words flows freely,

My words flow freely with the intense yet peaceful force of the Niagara,

The force of the word left unspoken,

Unspoken for fear of rejection, of fear of dejection,

Regret fuelled continued silence in the face of want and desire.


Hear my soul speak for it cannot bear to keep its secrets no one,

Secrets that wedge a wall between love and companionship,

The love yearned and desired but rebuffed,

The companion chastised for daring to walk the fence,

A fence so high and long it might as well be the Great Wall of China,

So long because my heart is so big, so big that it continues to beat,

To beat and wait for my soul to dare speak to you.



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