Workout Nightmares – Sports Bra and Deodorant

Workout Nightmares

The start of a fitness journey can reveal all sorts of workout nightmares such as your poor choice of sporting apparel or even poorer choice of deodorant.

The Bad and The Not so Effective.

Just imagine that 5 minutes into your 30 minute designated exercise for the day, you realise you should have taken the stress to wear that stressful to put on sports top with the sports bra inset because it is tight. Tight enough to prevent me from holding my considerably moderate-to-small boobs to stop them bouncing up and about.

To make matters worse, I get this horrible tingly feeling from sweat rubbing off in my pit, yes my armpits. At this point I mentally slap myself because I knew I should have used that antiperspirant deodorant spray that was on my dresser. I know I cannot step off the treadmill in search of deodorant because I know I will have a sit down on the way up if I do. So what do I do? I pull up my vest and stuff it up my armpits.

Workout nightmares forgotten because…

I thankfully did not give up!

With the willpower of a Rhino, I determinedly finished up my 30-minute workout despite the burn and jiggling boobage. I lied, my motivation was gloating when I see the Star-encrusted full circle on my new fitness tracker.

The best part is that I felt so great about my workout that I could even manage a dance on my treadmill. Who said jogging had to be boring. Simply insert popping Afrobeat overhead music and do a full body workout while you are at it. This was inspired by my Burn to the Beat workout by BeFit.

Now I am looking forward to relaxation yoga and a peanut smoothie slated for breakfast. Did I mention that I can already feel the new healthy me shining through?!


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